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hmbl marketing (pronounced humble) was started with the express goal of helping small, high-quality, and local companies with all of their internet marketing and PR needs so that they can focus on what they do best! We at hmbl care about not just the companies, but the people and families behind those companies. Just like the businesses we help, we are a small, family owned business, and know the stresses and concerns that owning a business entails. Our goal is to set these companies up for success and ease when it comes to their online presence, while keeping it affordable at the same time. 

At hmbl we take the time to gather detailed information to ensure that we create something that is personal and reflects you.  Everything is very individual to the specific business and it's owners. 




Founder and Strategy

Derek graduated at the top of his class from the University of Washington with a bachelors degree in business administration with a specialization in technology and innovation management. After working as a business consultant for a top global consultancy, he pursued his MBA at Cornell, with a focus on marketing, and again graduated at the top of his class. Derek has since worked at a few leading tech companies as a product leader helping them to revamp their business model, build out their tech products and websites, and drove many SEO and marketing efforts to grow the businesses.


In his spare time, Derek loves spending as much time with his family as possible.  He also enjoys traveling, mountain biking, skiing, and snowboarding.  



Founder and Creative

Lacie graduated from the University of Washington with a bachelors degree in business. After having their first child, she took a step back to stay home with their children while running a personal training business in her limited free time. While being able to stay home with her kids, she has been able to exercise her passion for helping others by working with small businesses to blog and write for their websites. She also spent her time volunteering at her kids' school when possible.  


In her spare time, Lacie loves spending time with her kids and husband. She loves fitness and incorporates that in her daily life in numerous ways as well.

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